Brisbane's scrapped Western Bypass

The Courier Mail is running a story on the scrapping of the Western Brisbane Bypass.

"Mr Lucas defended the decision to scrap the option of constructing a western bypass on the basis of projected low traffic volumes and constraints on the regional plan."

small map

The story goes on to mention various tunnel options that may be considered. The full press release can be viewed here. A large map is also available.

Northwest Extension

Although this is definitely a step in the right direction the state government has now shifted it's attention from one ecologically sensitive area to another. The Northwest extension running through Everton Park and north will carve straight through the middle of the Chermside Hills reserve network severing the corridor that links Chermside Hills Reserve itself to Raven Street Reserve via the Milne Hill water reservoir. The reserves support populations of swamp wallabies, squirrel gliders and bandicoots as well as many rare and threatened plant species. The Chermside Hills are already suffering from 'death by a thousand cuts' and many fear this will be the last straw for many of the sensitive species that reside here.

Please support the local community to say 'no' to this development or, in the very least, build a tunnel under the reserves(including the road reserve of Trouts Rd running north from Rode Rd).

Toowong to Everton Park

The new proposed tunnel Toowong to Everton the State Government makes no sense....I cannot see this as a valid option to redirect trafic or stop congestion on the Western Fwy. Traffic will still back up as it slows to go into the tunnel at the toowong roundabout. Not to mention the tunnel going under areas of Bardon, Auchenflower, Paddington, Ashgrove etc. and what about the environmental impact ..smoke stacks etc near some of Brisbanes fine schools..Rainworth Primary Oakleigh State, Marist Brothers at Ashgrove. Traffic needs to be re routed way before Brisbane. Why direct traffic along the Western Fwy only to ferry it underground further north... They talk about resuming housing...that is the last thing Brisbane needs!