Who is WBBAG?

The Western Brisbane Bypass Action Group (WBBAG) was formed in April 2007 by a group of community members concerned over the lack of information and uncertainty surrounding the Western Brisbane Bypass. It is a non-political group formed to raise awareness and present the facts relating to a potential Western Brisbane Bypass.

The aim of WBBAG is to investigate the impact of the Queensland State Government’s study of a proposed Western Brisbane Bypass that could result in a motorway through Brisbane’s leafy western suburbs including Brookfield/Upper Brookfield, Pullenvale and The Gap.

WBBAG also aims to:

  • create awareness of the Western Brisbane Bypass study and proposed routes;
  • stay abreast of bypass issues affecting the western and north-western suburbs; and
  • lobby local, state and federal governments about the location of the bypass.

WBBAG is a sub-committee of the Rural Environmental Planning Association Inc. (REPA). REPA was established in 1973 and endeavors to promote environmentally sensitive solutions to planning issues within the communities of Brookfield, Upper Brookfield, Pullenvale, Pinjarra Hills, Anstead, Bellbowrie, Moggill and parts of Kenmore Hills.

REPA and WBBAG are of the opinion that any bypass will have greater advantage being constructed along the approximate alignment of the Brisbane Valley Highway near Esk because of minimal disruption to residents and the impact on local fauna and flora.

What is WBBAG currently doing?

WBBAG is attempting to:

  • obtain the information relating to the Western Brisbane Bypass feasibility study specifically the Terms of Reference;
  • become a key stakeholder in the consultation process; and
  • acquire information relating to proposed routes.