Community Liason Group Minutes (May/June)

It's taken a long time but the WBTNI has finally made available the official minutes/notes from May and June CLG meetings. The minutes are available via the WBTNI Website. Specifically meetings #4 and #5.

June WBTNI CLG South meeting notes

The June CLG meeting was the last CLG meeting. The WBTNI provided much more detail on how they had reached various decisions and also walked through some examples. More importantly, they provided us with some details of the strategies they were considering and you can see these later on after a bit of introduction to the meeting.

May WBTNI CLG South meeting notes

Capping off a very busy month for the WBTNI we have had our latest CLG meeting. A lot was covered and we will try to keep to the most important points. First and foremost there is only one more CLG meeting before the WBTNI hands down it's preferred strategy. There is also a feedback deadline of the 31st of May for the public to comment on the options they have presented (extended from the 26th). Please read on for the details of each of these issues and topics that are relevant when preparing feedback for the WBTNI.

Next step for proposed Kenmore Bypass (Ministerial Statement)

"The State Government will proceed to the next stage of investigating a potential Kenmore bypass."

“For the Kenmore Bypass, the initial study shows that the route could cater for around 25,000 vehicles a day in 2026. We now need to talk to the local community and consider planning options before a final decision is made.”

Community Liason Group Minutes (Feb. 08)

Official minutes/notes from both the February North and South CLG meetings are now available via the WBTNI Website.

Brisbane's scrapped Western Bypass

The Courier Mail is running a story on the scrapping of the Western Brisbane Bypass.

"Mr Lucas defended the decision to scrap the option of constructing a western bypass on the basis of projected low traffic volumes and constraints on the regional plan."

small map

February WBTNI CLG South meeting notes

The February 2008 CLG South meeting was substantially different to previous meetings. This session was dominated by discussion instead of presentations.

The meeting started with the usual introductions for new attendees (all WBTNI related) and a review of outstanding items from the previous meeting. There was little to discuss. It was noted that the Ministers related to the project were John Mickel, Warren Pitt and Paul Lucas.

Kenmore Chamber of Commerce to host presentation by the WBTNI

Peter Just and Norm Case, two key people from the Western Brisbane Transport Network Investigation (WBTNI), will be presenting at the Kenmore Chamber of Commerce breakfast Thursday 21-Feb-08.

Anna Bligh officially backs the WBTNI

In a short statement before Christmas, Anna Bligh restated the governments commitment to the WBTNI. The statement is believed to have been made following press coverage of the Western Brisbane Bypass.

Community Liason Group Minutes (Nov. 07)

Official minutes/notes from both the November North and South CLG meetings are now available via the WBTNI Website.